encounter 2

geometry ihad such hopes for you
i thought youd make everything all right but you didnt want to
geometry i had such faith in you
i thoght youd make even and simple
but you couldnt do
geometry i had such hope for you
i wanted all to describe by yours but you couldnt do
what i wanted you to

circle hold me tight
your roundness is so tight
your circumference delights me
your diameter excites me
ooh ya tight little circle
go on squeeze me
the idea of you is perfection
so why is it i can never draw you right
i dreamed youd be the answer
but in the end i lost the fight

square, as an idea your strong and stable
i wanted love but your not able
your four lines of symmetry broken with a twist
you offered me your strong arms but not your mighty fist
your indeffernce astounds me
how could you be so cold
equal sides that shut me out
your angles might be right but theyre to sharp to hold
i can plan a perfect towm with you
but not our perfect life

trinagle oh triangle
you hold within you all thats true
the mystic hope you promiss
enthrals many but leaves me blue
you come to me in many guises
and give me rules to solve your angles
your fear may fade but then arises
my heart in shreads my mind in tangles

but though i miss your sweet caress i cant forget

if i were a child phycolo